Why I decided to Purchase an Old School Paper Calendar

“There’s an app for that you know…” said my husband. “Why don’t you just use your phone?”

“Yes, I know”(smile), I said!

My husband is a digital planner and I am well……………….. not. That’s as plain as I can say it!

If you try to live by God’s truth, which I do, there is no doubt that order is one of God’s best qualities. Just look at the first week of creation in Genesis 1 and everything has a time, a place, an order, a rhythm to it. So, to live truth, is to live a life of order, not perfect organization, but order. One of work, one of rest. A life that is able to not live haphazardly, but in a rhythmic balance. Without it, chaos ensues.

This is my struggle to love planning. Love order. Embrace it despite my struggle with it. I have tried different planning apps, and using my phone, but there was something I just didn’t like about it. Maybe its because I am a creative mind. There’s a part of my brain that just thrives on things being pleasing to the eye and another app is not what pleased my eye or my planning process.

I recently came across the Creative 365 Planners at Michael’s Craft Stores (This is not an advertisement. They pay me nothing for this post). I had actually passed through the aisles of creative planners many times, but this time, I dug my heels in, set my purse on the floor, and began flipping through each calendar and insert trying to understand the hype, but also studying to see if the benefit of purchasing one for me would be helpful because it was a creative planner.

I fell in love with it once I looked through all of them. Finally, I found the one I wanted.

I want to show you some of the reasons why I love it! Here goes:

The inside has plenty of room for everything!

You  can choose the stickers you want from the sticker book to place inside your calendar.

There are different sticker books. You get to pick one that suits your life. Your creativity.


Some of the prompts may even remind you to plan something you may have not thought about, which I love! And the fonts are pretty.

                         The watercolor brush design was the one I chose.

Each month has a page like this for big reminders at a quick glance.

I hope that you have been encouraged today to do something different. To try to find order in your life where maybe you might have given up. Whatever is NOT working for you, change it.

Keep striving for order, not perfection.

God created order, and it’s good!