God’s Faithfulness To Love Us


His love for us is faithful.

Do you believe that? I do. Even when at times, I cannot feel it. I believe God is still faithful, still loving. Still good. 

Years ago, I read an excerpt about the theology of God’s love by writer Arthur Pink, one of the most well known evangelist theologians in the 20th century. The two qualities of God’s love I remember most was how God’s love wasn’t manipulated by anyone or anything, and that God’s love was not tainted. Wow. If we think about those two truths, it helps us love God with a thankful heart even more.

Have you ever known someone who loved you or appeared to love you (could be a co-worker, in-law, neighbor, friend, etc) but as you got to know them more, you realized they didn’t love you. They didn’t even want what was best for you because they were only doing, encouraging, giving to you for their good? Their love appeared kind on the outside but underneath the appearance was only done to manipulate you for their benefit.

I am not talking about a love relationship here. I am talking about people appearing to like you, know you, do for you, but in the end are motivated to appear that way  only to benefit themselves.


God is faithful to love us despite our failings.

Despite our wandering.

Despite our waver in devotion to Him.

God has been faithful to love us. Faithful to pursue us through the sending of His only son Jesus.

He has been faithful to welcome us back with open arms when we have walked away from Him for a season.

And His love is not tainted by past experiences. Even all of us are tainted by how we love others based on our past life experiences.

God’s love is not tainted.

I am so thankful for this reminder today.

Let us all be able to thank the Lord for His faithfulness to love us and love us faithfully- untainted and without manipulation.





G R O W  in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

How do you do that? What does that mean?

The apostle Peter wrote these words as an old man. It was his way of saying to believers coming behind him, “Don’t let your introduction to Jesus in a relationship be the place you stay in your relationship with Jesus. GROW. Go way beyond that first moment you met Him. We cannot grow beyond our first introduction to Jesus by putting Jesus to the side.

Peter says, “GROW.” There’s so much more to know and learn about Jesus.

Do you believe that? 

There’s so much more Jesus wants to do in your life if you will just stay close to Him. How we spend our time, the things we read or study, the priorities we place before Jesus keep us from growing to know Him more. It’s really that simple. Every time I open my bible, I am surrendering my will over to Jesus to read His truth. Sometimes I like the truth I read and know that I am living for Him as I should. But sometimes, as I read and the Holy Spirit open my eyes to see something I need to work on OR convicts me about a thought, an attitude, etc, I know immediately I am not liking that truth I read. Why? Because God is teaching me as I read His truth. He is revealing to me I am not living out what He has asked of me. It’s like a parent showing their child that they have not had a good attitude about a chore or have not done what has been asked. The child is frustrated a bit because he or she knows what the parent has asked and required of them and know they have not done it. When I feel this way as I read my bible, I am aware as I have matured in my faith that God is showing me I need to be more aligned with His way of thinking. His way of living.  Spending time reading the Bible is how the believer’s faith grows. It can’t grow any other way.

Growing takes time. Don’t rush it. Embrace it.

If we want to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus, we need to be confident and know that growing is not an easy thing to do. Growing pains happen. Why? Because it takes time. It takes effort opening up our Bible and reading it and studying it. This is my testimony. I can testify that as I have surrendered my time to Jesus and opened my bible to read and study it, I have grown deeper in my relationship with Jesus. I have gone way beyond the first moment I met Him as a child. But I am no where near where I want to be in knowing Him more.

Knowing Jesus is not a religion. It’s a relationship.

Don’t stop opening your bible.

Make time for it.

Watch how your faith in a relationship with Jesus will grow. It will!



Lord, help us understand what we read and help us grow in our character to look more like you in how we speak, think, and act. Help us at the end of our lives to be able to look back as we reflect and be able to say that we have grown deep in grace and knowledge of you. Amen.

Scripture for the Day

You Have To Study God’s Word

God Holds ALL Things Together

                                                                    My Bible Journaling in Colossians.

In a world where television reports every tiny detail minute by minute and picks every word and action of every person apart, it can be easy to forget God Holds ALL THINGS TOGETHER.

Left to primarily listening to peoples opinions on television and social media, it could be fair to say that people think the world is coming to end. I am just sayin, that’s what the atmosphere has felt like. Sometimes, the hysteria of it all can make your heart skip a beat or two if you aren’t keeping your mind focused on truth in the Bible.

When I grew up, there were only three channels for the news. If you watched the news, playtimes were early in the am, 5pm and 10pm in the evening.  In depth news, where topics and issues would be picked apart once a week, were slower to come  out and usually were shown on programs like 60 minutes or with Barbara Walters (I loved watching her by the way!). It was nice to have a break in the day where you didn’t feel like you had to be in the know of every tiny detail. 

One thing I have noticed this year more than ever is that social media gives every person on the planet who has a device instant access to express their opinion at any given moment. It’s not like I didn’t know that, but for some reason, it has become very hateful and filled with anger 24/7. Reading Twitter and Facebook have become like listening to millions of thoughts inside people’s head all at one time. The world is loud right now more than ever.  No wonder we can become discouraged or angry when our opinion differs from an opposite opinion. Everyone wants to have their say at the same time and they want to be right. And not everyone is right. And not everyone is willing to say they were wrong. So it continues. So how do you live above the rhetoric?

Keep it simple. A question we can ask ourselves is this:

Who are we listening to? People or God? 

In Colossians, Paul wrote, “God holds A L L things together.”

So we need not worry. We need not fret. 

When we let God’s voice in his word be louder to our hearts and minds than the worlds word, anxiety flees. Anger vanishes.

Love remains.

Be encouraged! God is holding all things together whether we feel like he is or not.

He is!!