Summertime is a fab time to slow down and challenge ourselves to put scripture to memory. 

This June, I will post 20 verses for us to learn by heart. Join me here as I seek to put it to memory too! Spoiler alert..I do know the first one for memory. 

Here’s how and when I learned it:

Matthew 6:33 was one of the first verses I ever put to memory. My pastor had challenged me to learn it and come back and recite the verse to him. I was 10 years old and no one had ever given me such a challenge like that. At first, I was a little frustrated because I had gone up to him and asked him if he would sign my yearbook. Now you may think it odd that I would want him to sign it, but I looked up to him and respected him as a man of God.  Taking my yearbook home, over a weeks time I learned the verse. I went back and and recited it to him. He signed my yearbook… but that’s not the end of the story. He told me this: “Ashley, if you will keep this truth in your heart and remember to seek God first in all you do in every stage of your life, God will add to your life everything you need.” I was a little taken back by the depth of his response.. after all, I just wanted him to sign my yearbook!😂 and I was 10. I wasn’t thinking too far ahead about my life then.

You know what memorizing this verse has done for me.. it has always guided me back to what is true and what my priority is in everything I do-seeking God first daily in my life.

Whenever I look back on certain times when I was struggling to make a decision, or overwhelmed at being newly married or a new parent, or learning how to grieve over the loss of a parent, or needing simplicity in my daily purpose or finding encouragement in my faith walk … seek God first. He will add what I need. I’m not 10 years old anymore. And I have found my pastor was right.

Seek God first in your actions.

Seek God first in your thoughts. Seek God first with your work. Seek God first in your marriage. Seek God first as a parent. Seek God first with your time. Seek God first with your priorities. Seek God first.

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